A vital function of Democracy.  Jury Service is one of the most important duties of citizenship.  It is also, a very rewarding experience which will give you an opportunity to participate directly in the administration of Justice.


While it may require some adjustment of your normal schedule to serve as a juror, we believe you will enjoy the opportunity to see our courts in action.  To learn more about our system of justice and to participate in one of the fundamental principles of our American heritage.


Every citizen is obligated to fulfill his or her jury service when called.  Employers are required by law to give their employees time off for jury service. The court does not encourage requests for postponement. 


Jury service in Will County is one week or length of trial, whichever is longer.


Constitution of the United States 

Bill of Rights 

Sixth & Seventh Amendment 

The right to trial by jury shall be preserved  (1791)